MJCC Guest Checkin Procedure

We are glad to be back and resuming swim lessons and coaching at Mittleman Jewish Community Center in SW Portland.

There are a few facility policies and procedures you’ll need to be acquainted with before your next visit.

Updated: June 11, 2021

Check-In at Entry

Step 1

Complete our COVID and Vaccination Screening form within 2 hours before each session. It is similar to what you experience at health care facilities. You can either fill this out before you come or fill it out at the entryway. We need this completed and showing up as a notification in our email before we can let you into the building. We are obligated to meet you at the door before you enter and take your temperature as well.

Step 2

If this is your first lesson at MJCC with Mediterra in 2021, then you must complete the Mittleman Guest Liability Waiver as well.

If you marked No to all the questions on the screening form, score a normal temperature reading, and fill out the MJCC waiver, then you are OK to enter with us.


MJCC Masking & Distancing Policy

To be able to use the facilities we are obligated to follow the latest MJCC coronivirus policies and procedures.

First, Mediterra coaches Mat and Jamee are vaccinated, and live with all vaccinated households. We are OK being on deck and in the water with our vaccinated students.

Mask & Distancing Rule

MJCC non-member guests are required to wear a mask throughout the entire facility – dry and pool deck areas – and maintain 6 foot distance with others. You may remove your mask when in the water,

If you are vaccinated and willing to disclose this information in our screening form then you may remove masks while in the pool and on deck, and be within 6 feet of your coach, in water and on deck. However, masks must be put back on when proceeding to move to other areas of the facility.

Wearing a mask is not regarded as a sign of one not being vaccinated. Those who have declared their vaccinated status are still welcome to wear masks at their discretion.

If you have questions about the current policies and procedures at the facility we are happy to answer. As we become aware of updates we will update this page as well.

Locker Room Situation

Locker Rooms

The MJCC put together a short video about their COVID pool guidelines.

At this time, we are allowed to conduct private lessons during the mid-day hours when the pool facility is closed.  This allows us to have more flexibility on lesson length and where we want to work in the pool (shallow or deep end, side lane or middle).

However, during these hours the locker rooms are closed and towel service is not available. There are changing stalls set up by the pool area. There is a restroom outside the pool area. You may want to come with your suit on under your clothes.  Please bring your own towel.

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