Online Training

For Mediterra’s Local Training Event Students

Online Training

The original and ongoing intent of our online training site – called the Mediterra Swim Dojo – is to provide all the resources we can to help you successfully acquire the skills you seek and keep you supported and motivated to keep training in the months and years ahead.

Participants in our live local training events receive a 1-year membership to our library and a 3-month membership to the training course associated with the live event. This can be extended upon request if you are finding continued value in using it.

Your access to the online library includes:

  • Knowledge Base (70+ articles)
  • Training FAQ (30 articles)
  • Course Instructions (30 articles)
  • Practice Library (14 articles)
  • 101 Focal Points (expanded collection of focal points for all parts of the stroke)
  • Video Tutorials (instructions for different stroke skills)
  • Freestyle Resources (outlines, focal point menu, and photos of the standard TI drill sequences)


Online Courses

Participants in Level 1 training courses will be automatically given access to the Freestyle Fundamentals course to guide you in your personal practice time between lessons and after the series has completed.

Then we have other online training courses for other training goals:

  • Virtual Swim Club – Level 1 and 2
  • Stroke & Pace Mastery – Level 1, 2 and 3
  • Master Class Breathing – Level 1
  • Master Class 1K – Level 1
  • Training Plan (Sprint) 100 – Level 2
  • Training Plan 5K – Level 2
  • Training Plan 20K – Level 2 and 3

And, for those who want to train at a higher level, and guide oneself, we highly recommend that you study the Self-Coaching 101 course to understand the principles and patterns that will enable you to compose your own effective series of practices.  

You may read more about these on the Mediterra Swim Dojo site.


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