Kaizen-Durance Triathlon Mastery Camp

featuring Master Coach Shane Eversfield

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Tucson, Arizona USA

February 16-20, 2017

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Train Your Mind

Transform Your Experience

Transform Your Performance

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Your Transformations

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Seeking to improve your performance? Tap into your most powerful fitness resource: Train your mind! Your aerobic capacity is limited and it’s diminishing with age. But how much awareness are you willing to invest in each and every stroke and stride? Wake up! There are no limits.

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Neural Training

Tired of banging your head against the aerobic wall? Reformat your training: Focus on your neural system. It’s your body-mind interface. When you strengthen this incredible matrix, you can swim, bike and run faster, and go farther with less energy, less injury, less recovery and more enjoyment. There are no limits.

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Kinetic Intelligence

Are you flogging your body training the “old school” way of “mind over matter”? Experience and trust your inner brilliance: Pursue your highest endurance goals through kinetic intelligence. Discover more precision, alignment, grace, efficiency and strength than you ever thought possible through mind IN matter. There are no limits.

Your Instructors

Shane Eversfield

  • Head Coach, Kaizen-durance
  • Total Immersion Master Coach
  • 20-year Ultra-Distance Endurance Athlete


Lisa Smith-Batchen

  • Head Coach, Dream Chasers
  • Winner, Marathon des Sables
  • 2-time winner, Badwater Ultramarathon


Mat Hudson

  • Head Coach, Mediterra International
  • Total Immersion Master Coach
  • Mindfulness and Flow State Swimming Specialist


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Athlete in a standard 1-PERSON room


 Athlete in a standard 2-PERSON room


Non-training Companion in a SHARED room


Prices are in US Dollars.

This invitational group is limited to 15 athletes.

Instruction will be given in English.

Non-refundable deposit of $250 USD per athlete required with registration.



For Which Kind Of Athletes

This educational training event is suitable for adult athletes who:

  • compete in sprint to ultra distance triathlon
  • of any adult age
  • are curious, innovative, passionate and striving for excellence
  • seek to improve their athletic performance and quality of life
  • want to transform their approach to training and racing through the pursuit of mastery and kinetic intelligence

Each prospective attendee will submit an short application and then schedule an interview with Coach Mat (by skype, online chat, or email). After the interview is completed you may finish registration and make your deposit for the event. The interview will help us understand your goals and needs so that we can best serve your pursuit of triathlon mastery.

Training Description

The training sessions will focus on neural training (rather than metabolic training). We will explore and implement advanced body-mind technique skills for swim, bike and run. 

These skills include:

  • Proprioception
  • “PAGES” movements (for swim bike and run): Precise, Aligned, Graceful, Efficient, Seamless
  • Effortless Power (your ‘Alliance with Gravity’)
  • Mindfulness Skills

These skills compose your ‘Kinetic Intelligence’.

Each athlete will be challenged only to his/her own level. You will not need to worry about other athletes in the group pushing you or slowing your down – the training is designed to set up an appropriate challenge for each person.

We focus on efficient technique with “gravity-sourced propulsion” in each of the three disciplines. Each day (Thursday, Friday and Saturday) focuses on one specific discipline – swim, bike, and run.

Each day begins with a classroom orientation that identifies the elements of efficient technique relative to that specific discipline and how to use gravity is the primary source of forward movement. We conduct two technique-intensive sessions, concluding each with video analysis. At the final review, we give each athlete a take-home list of technique training priorities specific for the individual.

This overall educational format is inclusive for athletes of all ages, distances (even sprint to ultra) and abilities. We will all benefit from improving our efficiency and our Alliance with Gravity!


Week Schedule

Training Schedule

Wednesday – Orientation
  • afternoon greetings
  • after dinner orientation meeting
Thursday – Swimming
  • morning classroom presentation
  • morning pool technique session
  • afternoon pool technique session
  • afternoon individual practice time (optional)
  • after-dinnerclassroom presentation
Friday – Cycling
  • morning classroom presentation
  • morning cycling technique session
  • afternoon cycling technique session
  • afternoon individual practice time (optional)
  • after-dinner classroom presentation
Saturday – Running
  • morning classroom presentation
  • morning running technique session
  • afternoon running technique session
  • afternoon individual practice time (optional)
  • after-dinner classroom presentation
Sunday – Race and Ride
  • morning race day simulation
  • afternoon group ride
  • evening out on the town
  • after dinner informal interview – ‘The Ultra Experience’ with Shane and Lisa
Monday – Swim and Run
  • morning open water swim in Barrati Bay
  • morning trail run
  • goodbyes and departure

Training sessions will be approximately two hours long.

We will encourage the group to dine together during most meals, to promote group bonding and mutual encouragement.


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