Learn To Swim Better Than Ever

Enjoy a marvelous way to learn with patient, skilled, hands-on instruction at our live training locations in Oregon USA. Adults and students of all ages and abilities are warmly welcome.

Master Open Water

Join us in beautiful, inviting settings, to gain the skills and confidence you need to enjoy wild water swimming. We have camps in USA, Europe, the Caribbean and the Mediterranean Sea.

Continue Your Training Online

Enjoy our community and abundant training resources and follow principled plans to integrate and master your skills while building fitness toward your goal. Self-guided and coach-guided options.

Learn To Run Better Than Ever

Enjoy patient, skilled, instruction in a safer, stronger, more efficient way to run for life-long athletes. Adults and students of all ages and abilities are warmly welcome.

Be Educated and Inspired

We have the most prolific swim-oriented blog on the web. View over 600 essays, published weekly on swimming, running, mindfulness, mastery, health and longevity.

SwimMastery Membership

Mediterra is a charter member of SwimMastery, bringing you up-to-date solutions from physics, physiology, biomechanics, motor learning and psychology.

View Our Gallery

Be inspired by our swim camp videos and collection of photos from training events around the world. You can see what it’s like to train with us. 

Event Directory

Take a quick look at our upcoming training opportunities for lessons, group training, open water clinics, coach training and swim camps.

Shop For Products

Consider membership in our online training community, and view our advanced training plans and ebooks to support your pursuit of mastery.

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