Mediterra offers training for adult swimmers and runners. We’re provide sensitive, skilled guidance for the anxious and the injured. Those just starting and advanced athletes will find our approach principled, mature and nuanced.

Enjoy a marvelous way to learn and move better than ever with our attentive, hands-on instruction in Salem, Oregon.

Coach Mat Hudson, MScAPPCP, is also a personal development consultant. Offering a positive psychology perspective and evidence-based tools he is ready to help individuals and groups improve their navigation in a complex world, full of uncertainty and opportunities.

Receive skilled, supportive, empathic attention from Mat to assist you in making desired improvements in functioning in areas of life such as work, school, aging, relationships, and changes in life circumstances.

Coach Mat is the co-founder of SwimMastery, an international community of mastery-minded coaches and swimmers, bringing you up-to-date solutions from physics, physiology, and psychology.

Be educated and inspired. Coach Mat has one of the most prolific swim-oriented blogs on the web. View over 600 essays. Since 2009, published (almost) weekly on swimming, running, mindfulness, mastery, health and longevity.

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