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Training Opportunities

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Open-Water Swim Camps

Mediterr’a open-water swim camps are the best concentrated learning environment for discovering and strengthen your freestyle skills. Even if you are not interested in open-water swimming per se, our locations provide often ‘better-than-pool’ conditions for learning and imprinting. The sun and sea and mountains provide a marvelous ambiance. Enjoy 3 to 6 days of focus, rest and noticeable improvement. This many days will allow you to zero in on your improvement priorities and imprint skills more deeply.

Group Workshop

Group workshops are a quick, concise, inexpensive way to get a personal introduction to the freestyle drill sequence and focal points. They may be 2-day, 1-day, or 1/2 day events, often scheduled on a weekend. Introductory workshops maintain a ration of 1 instructor to 5 students to protect the quality of attention each student may receive. Video analysis is included in 1-day and 2-day workshops.

Private Workshop

This is the most concentrated, personal training opportunity for you. You may schedule a series of lessons over a few days to cover the entire stroke skill sequence, the advanced training concepts, or to address some specific needs and interest you have right now. This may take 3 to 8 training session, in the pool, in the sea, or a mix of both. Private workshops may include up to 4 people of similar skill level. This private training event may be at Coach Mat’s location or invite him to yours.

Video Analysis Service

Video reveals so much you can’t feel (yet) from the inside. Get an TI Master Coach viewpoint on your skill strengths and priority improvement opportunities. By appointment, you will provide your videos, and Coach Mat will deliver an in-depth analysis and prescription for your most important skill improvement needs.

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Self-Coaching Program

Total Immersion materials are focused on enabling you to become your own best coach. Mediterra takes it one leap further with personal mentoring as you learn to develop your own stroke like a TI Coach would. Coach Mat will guide you in learning TI self-coaching principles through the a course designed to help you master stroke and pace control. The program is divided into 6 steps, with over 50 assignments. Choose the number of weeks, start in the steps where you please, study at your own pace under Coach Mat’s guidance and encouragement.

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Become A TI Coach

TI is more than a great swimming stroke and training method – it is an empowering way to learn and to practice. For many of TI swimmers, our passion did not stop with our own swimming. We want to pass on this practice and passion to others. Perhaps you too would like to take your own swimming to a new level by teaching TI – they build on each other. Consider joining our global network of over 200 certified TI Coaches in over 30+ countries.

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