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Private Training

Pricing for Private Training
Our first priority is to provide what we understand to be the most effective method for helping motivated people of all types to successfully acquire marvelous swimming skill. Our method organizes the complex set of swimming skills into sequential, bite-size steps. We have a strong understanding of physics, physiology and positive psychology by which we are able to provide you with encouragement and guidance to work through each of these steps. And we know how to increase your own understanding so that you are motivated to invest the time needed and practice thoroughly. You come away not only know what to practice, but how to practice more effectively.

Our pricing is designed to encourage you to take a sufficient number of lessons so you can study this full set of complex skills, rather than just taking one lesson and get an incomplete set of skills. A 10% discount is applied for a package of at least 6 lesson hours (4x 90 minutes or 6x 60 minutes).

The pricing per person lowers considerably when you share the lesson time with up to 3 friends of similar starting ability – there are many advantages to learning along side others. So, you are encouraged to invite friends to join you.

Our lesson hour prices are notably higher than what other swim instructors in the region offer. Simply put, our special method and extensive coaching experience with all kinds of struggling swimmers are going to help you attain a higher level of skill and do it in less amount of lesson time – this saves you time and money in the long run. If we knew of another method that produced better results (higher quality, less time, higher success rate) we would be teaching it.

Group Training

Pricing for Group Training
We schedule our group training events in advance and take our chances on the number that will attend. The price per person is fixed, and we are committed to holding the training whether we have one student or five.

If two or more friends would like to take the training together, then we can arrange a private workshop and schedule at a mutually convenient time. In this case the price per person will be lower than a scheduled group training event.

We have taken into consideration the economic realities of our region and have chosen to price our Level 1 lesson series (4-week series and weekend workshops) at substantial discount to the standard price for comparative workshops of similar content around the nation (a 4-session event is $495 per person elsewhere). Since we have a good idea of what you would experience with instruction elsewhere, and we have taken further steps to streamline your learning experience, we are confident that you will be receiving a tremendous value at our price.

In addition, with your participation in a private or group series, you receive a membership to our exclusive online training library on the Mediterra Dojo. We have the most extensive library of supplemental Total Immersion related training materials found anywhere online.

Our Level 1 training events are limited to 4 swimmers per coach, which allows about the right amount of personal attention as the coach circulates between the students. Our coach is in the water with you, showing you what to do, demonstrating how to do it, and giving you direct feedback with touch, signals, video, and words.

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