I cut my training session short today to 2600m. I’m still not feeling 100%. I have run a fever off and on the past couple days indicating that my body was not kicking the sinus infection, so I broke down and got some antibiotics. Still it feels more helpful than harmful to swim, especially giving my sinuses a good rinsing in the pool (you know it’s best not the think about all the places on the human body the pool water has been flowing!).

I actually called it short on the last set once I noticed that my body and mind were not feeling productive anymore and losing focus on good form. A well-designed session or two focused on core-rotation is what I need later.

The pool today was a refreshing 27 C- crisp enough for my skinny body to encourage strong swimming and discourage waiting on the wall too long. I would not like it to be cooler than this for any extended swimming session.

I borrowed thistraining set from Terry’s blog.

8x 200m @ 4:30 interval, hold SPL, descend times. I held 15-16 SPL the whole set and descended: 3:36, 3:35, 3:34, 3:32, 3:30, 3.27, 3:25, and 3:26

This was suppose to be 3x 50,100,150,200 with SPL +1 per 50, but I only made it through 1x: Times 0:46, 1:43, 2:30, 3:24 holding 15,16, then 17 SPL per 50. But I had a harder time intentionally making 18 SPL on the last 50 because I have trained so many years at lower SPL.

Unfortunately, without the restraint of a TT I still act in “set” mode so these 8x200m were not so much of a warm-up. I go harder at first than I need to, so maybe I should stick with my 400 EZ warmup tradition where I feel not obligation to swim in any particular way. Then I can swim a set with less distraction from the main focus.

15 SPL is a natural rate for me, but when I am trying to go faster I think it exposes how I rely on the shoulders too much- I need to experiment with the timing of my grab and increase SPL when I go faster, especially to transfer core power. I need to drill on this to build a strong neural pathway for this pattern.

If I was more rested these two sets would have been more enjoyable. As it was I could just feel that my body didn’t have the umph to excel although it had the energy to complete it.

On the 50,100,150,200 it was easy to use the 15-16 SPL but I had to focus on a faster tempo to get 17 (without cheating by shortening my push-off from the wall). To swim 18 SPL I need to practice the rhythm at that tempo. This was a good set to expose the difficulties I have at adjusting SPL intentionally, while maintaining good form.

I am concerned about my head placement. The harder I swim the more I feel like I am increasing drag in that head-shoulder pocket. It would be helpful to have a partner examining me in these times. Anyone want to come to Antalya, Turkey?

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