I swam 3072m in the 32m PC outdoor pool, around 15:00. It was sunny, hot. The pool was 26.5 C, just right for brisk swimming with a hot sun.

512m warmup (8 laps), then a ladder alternating Fistglove and Open-hand.

  • 64 FG / 64 open-hand (SPL 23)
  • 128/128 (SPL 23)
  • 192/192 (SPL 23)
  • 256/256 (SPL 22)
  • 256/256 (SPL 22)
  • 192/192 (SPL 22)
  • 128/128 (SPL 21)
  • 64/64 (SPL 20)

The objective was to imprint a higher elbow catch, particularly from the spear-hand entry point to where the shoulder rotates the elbow out into position for the catch. I do this at slow tempo to give the brain time to imprint, then as my brain got used to it I could add a bit more power and glide to the stroke- hence, my SPL started to drop.

23 SPL in a 32m pool is about 16.7 SPL, 22 is 16 SPL, 20 is 14.5 SPL.

Also, as I focused on ‘active-streamlining’ (e.g. feeling my hip thrust drive me forward, rather than pull the arm back) I reduced SPL. I was aiming to maintain effort level or lower it and in this I succeeded.

I found that the Wider Track swing of my recovery arm noticeably eased the effort level, keeping an 22 SPL. But when I concentrated on hip-spear forward I dropped 1-2 more strokes with just a slight more effort.

There was no nerve irritation today in my arms. But I felt it on deck earlier in the day while I was directly group swim lessons for children at the school. I will rest it tomorrow.

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