I swam 3072m starting at 12:10 at the PC 32m outdoor pool. It was sunny, warm, no breeze. The pool was 22 C. I had the wetsuit standing by but did not use it today.

6x 512 with a Tempo Trainer. Continuous.

I started with the TT set at 1.15, but I just was not 100% today. Only afterwards did I notice the signs of fighting off a cold and a slight sore throat. I am not ‘sick’ but my body is diverting a lot of energy to fight.

With the air still warm at this time of the month and the high noon sun shinging down on my back 22 C water, even at today’s effort level, felt great. I have acclimated at least a few degrees. No numbing in the hand or feet, nor sluggishness in the joints (due to coldness), just lacking ‘umph’ today from my immune system working so hard. I had 2 nights in a row of poor sleep to make me all the more vulnerable to getting sick. I was sucking air from the beginning much harder than normal. 1.15 on the TT should be a comfortable loosening up tempo, but today I felt like I was having to work from the beginning. That’s when I knew something was up in my system.

So I scrapped the TT plan and tried to get my SPL down- if I wasn’t going to swim faster, at least I wanted to work on lowering drag. I was not very successful- I should easily be able to hold 24 SPL (in this 32m pool) at that particular tempo but I was struggling at 26-27. So at repeat #4 I started to alternate a slower SR, long SL pattern- first 1 lap long  SL emphasis, then 1 lap a faster SR emphasis. Then at #5 I moved it to 2 laps each. I still was not producing good results. I just had no power to hold my catch very well. The interesting thing is that I didn’t ‘feel’ tired, and the whole 3ooo continuous was not exhausting, but I just couldn’t muster the strength to hold the water like normal.

I need some rest!

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