Coach Terry shared an article from the NY Times Online with me today. I nearly started crying.

I am completely confident that an experienced TI Coach can guide you to achieve your Ultimate Potential along a unique and effective path. TI Philosophy, and I dare say, TI Coaching Ethics deviate from the traditional institution for very explicit reasons – this article supports the case. These things do not need to happen to young athletes.

Yes. I will guide you to your Potential. But I will do that conditionally.

I will not coach you in a way that threatens your well-being in body, mind, or heart, or in your relationships with the people who matter. Your attractive fees, your world class potential, or your sponsor’s expectations do not excuse me from my responsibility to protect you. What I help you achieve today will always be considered in light of what you intend to be capable of achieving tomorrow, and in the latter years of your life. This about a life after all, not a podium.

Let’s walk together toward to top step of that podium, if that is where you’d like to go. But let’ also consider the cost of each step and make careful choices about where we want to be, and who we want to be when that step is accomplished.

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