For swimmers it stands repeating:

What you are not willing to accomplish by technique you will have to make up for with power.


Consider the speed problem. How do you speed up?

There are just two options in physics:

  1. Apply more power.
  2. Reduce resistance.

#1 is about building more power to overcome resistance working against you in the water and inside your own body.

#2 is about finding ways to reduce resistance in the water and inside the body so that less power is required to accomplish the task.


Consider the systems that need to be developed inside every swimmer:

  1. Converting energy to power.
  2. Smoothly transferring power through the body structure and tissues.
  3. Applying power precisely – where it is needed, when it is needed, and in just the right amount.

#1 is about fuel intake, metabolizing energy, building muscle cells and strength and all the training programs focused predominantly on those.

#2 and #3 are about technique, about how well you use the power that is already available in the body and in the environment around you. It’s about cleaning up the whole economy.


Some simple meta-cognition question to meditate on:

  • Which of these do you spend most of your pool time working on?
  • Which do you think will produce better pay off for the limited time, energy and resources you have available?
  • Do your answers to those two questions line up? Why or why not?
  • How will you reconcile the differences between your belief and your practice?
  • How will you reinforce and improve the training strategy you believe in?

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