Mediterra and SwimMastery

Some of you have been aware that I’ve been waiting to announce some news about my latest activities and direction. Now it’s time to share!

Most of you are aware by now that I decided to withdraw from association with TI in September. Soon after that, some encouraging things fell into place. 

I’ve informed many of you that I am enrolled in distance learning program for a Masters of Science in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology through the University of East London (UK), or MAPPCP for short. It will take me 2 full years. The program is perfect fit for me and the content is wonderful – I am soaking up everything and see enormous potential in how much more I can help people, even beyond athletics. This has channeled my hope and energy in a promising direction.

After making my decision to leave TI in September and putting that in motion, I happen to go through London on my way to swim camp in Turkey and decided to connect with my coach colleague Tracey Baumann, whom I hadn’t talked to in many months. I shared my decision and story behind it with her and listened to her story of the last couple years and then we each talked about what we were hoping or dreaming for in the future. It was there that we realized we both had a very similar desire to be in community with our coach colleagues,  we were both excited to keep studying in other realms of knowledge that held great potential for its impact on our athletics, coaching and businesses, and we were both passionate about teaching and supporting other coaches to help them be more successful. We had worked well together in the years past in coach training and decided then and there to partner together to form a new community that would serve coaches in the ways we longed for ourselves to be served and supported.

Over the autumn months the SwimMastery vision was born and we were very busy getting the foundation in place. In January we got the website up and going, and we held our first coach training in Spain. We have another planned for May here in Salem, Oregon.

We have formed this community to meet the needs of our businesses and serve our hunger for continual learning and improvement in coaching. Our goal is to serve the many independent coaches, and prospects among swimmers out there who are looking for an extraordinary educational and business-building community to be a part of, to join something they really have a sense of ownership in. We are not exclusive, and intend for this community to be complementary to other associations – one could be with us and be a part of other certifying organization. We have membership, not certification.

Mediterra is still going. We are still doing our local teaching and our swim camps around the year and selecting new venues. SwimMastery is, for independent businesses like Mediterra, a platform where our community of coaches can combine resources and reach to educate, collaborate, network, create and sell products, and advertise our activities in a much larger way than any one could do on their own. So, my activity with SwimMastery is focused on member coach support and my activity with Mediterra is focused on actual coaching of swimmers.


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