There are some of us who were swimming so well – skillfully and strong – just before our access to the water was cut off by the global crisis.

There are some of us who were building up our fitness for an upcoming event, and still had a long way to go. Now, with two months of training lost, we feel we are way behind where we want to be.

Hopefully soon, we all will be able to slip back in to our favorite water, and back to moving in our most pleasing way. When we do, it could be tempting to dwell upon what we’ve lost, the fitness we had months ago, or the fitness we were not able to develop since; the events we were looking forward to have been cancelled. No doubt, we won’t be moving exactly as we were before, and our opportunities this season are gone or greatly reduced.

However, this is an important time to savor what we do have, right now in this moment. Once it does open up, the water is there to welcome us back. The neural connections we invested in building are still there, ready to receive those swimming signals. The body is eager, even if a little weaker, to get back to its healthy, life-giving movements in that invigorating liquid medium.

This is a time to be thankful that we are alive, that we can move, that we can enjoy one another and the aquatic environment we love and feel at home in.

Photo by Karl Anderson on Unsplash

As we each have the opportunity to return, we may need to put aside concerns for higher external performance and spend those first few sessions, those first few weeks perhaps, to re-establishing our love and appreciation for this body that serves us so faithfully, for this water that welcomes us back every time, and carefully restore the attitude upon which a good, enduring training lifestyle is built.


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