Special Stamina Part 1

Special Stamina Part 1

I received a request from one of you to talk about building stamina. Stamina is defined as ability to withstand hardship, to maintain strength over a longer period of time. I might add to this by saying stamina is the ability to be stronger than the hardship facing...
Swimmer Speed Curve – Part 1

Swimmer Speed Curve – Part 1

I have been working on a presentation to improve understanding of ‘Easy Speed’ and ‘Smart Speed’ concepts in the Total Immersion swimming framework, as I see it. I will break this presentation down into 4 parts. Let me post some diagrams to...

Metrics In Open Water: How To Train

For most swimmers who desire it training in open-water may still only be an occasional or seasonal experience. That means most swimmers practice in the pool, swimming and measuring things between walls – this is ‘normal’ while swimming without walls...

Metrics 101: Aim For Stroke Length Ease

This is related to the previous and following posts: Metrics 101: Stroke Length Metrics 101: SPL Development Process Here is a comment I received from a swimmer recently (and asked permission to repost): My usual SPL is around 17/18. On really slow tempos–1.6...
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