Don’t Stop At The Wall!

Don’t Stop At The Wall!

Stopping Is Not Natural Can you imagine running 10 km (up to an hour for some folks) or even 5 km (up to a half hour) in a race or for fitness and doing it in a basketball court? And, rather than run loops around the perimeter of the court, imagine covering that...

Pace Practice For 1500

How do you set up a practice to train for 1500? A long-time friend of mine emailed me his latest 3000 yard workout, sharing his results for some 500 repeats he made with the 1500 triathlon swim as his target. His (traditional) approach is to jump in the pool and just...

Rest Days

At a recent workshop a swimmer showed me his extensive record (on a long computer print out) of all the practices he has completed this year – it appeared to cover every day of the last 4 months. He was quick to acknowledge the impression it made by noting that...
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