Intro to Pace Combinations

Intro to Pace Combinations

A question from a friend about Pace Combinations made me realize that I have referred to Pace or SPL x Tempo Combinations several times without really laying out a direct introduction to it. So this essay is meant to give a brief explanation for Pace Combinations and...
Stroke Length Loyalty

Stroke Length Loyalty

When you start feeling fatigue in your race (or while ‘just swimming’) you are urged to slow down. At some point you finally must give in. But when you do what is changing in your stroke to slow you down? SPL x Tempo = Pace (the inverse of the Speed...
Metrics 103: Pace Construction

Metrics 103: Pace Construction

Can we assume that two swimmers who achieve the same Pace are equal in efficiency as well (in both terms of physics and of physiology)? No. Because the same Pace can be constructed by different combinations of SPL x Tempo, and each of those different combinations...

Metrics 103: Pace

This is a simple math equation we use in swim training to measure performance (in terms of time) in a test or race: Pace = Strokes Per Length x Tempo By counting strokes (SPL) over a certain distance and multiplying that by the Tempo, we can calculate Pace. Or we can...

Metrics 102: Fast Tempo

Why swim at faster tempos? Here are three reasons (among more we might think of):   1. To Improve Speed In order for increased Tempo to result in increased Speed, the swimmer must maintain a certain amount of Stroke Length, or he will end up going slower while...

Metrics 101: Stroke Length

What is Stroke Length? Stroke length is how far your body travels forward on each arm stroke. It is like measuring the distance you move forward on each step or stride. We can easily feel Stride Length and see it on land as we walk or run. It makes sense to us as Land...
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