The Purpose Of Measuring Stroke Length

The Purpose Of Measuring Stroke Length

Concepts Stroke length is the distance your body travels forward on each arm stroke. How far you travel on each stroke is a direct indicator of how much work you accomplish and that work is a product of both strength and skill. Some people get more from their strength...
When Choosing Your Optimal Stroke Count

When Choosing Your Optimal Stroke Count

Do you know what your optimal stroke count is or should be? You may have seen similar ‘Green Zone’ charts used or posted in various places in TI discussions (and you can see them here on our blog and you might enjoy reading The Back Story Of The Stroke...

Private Virtual Competition

This is how a virtual competition (with Sun Yang or any swimmer in the world you choose!) might work: Pace is a simple calculation of Stroke Length (SL) x Tempo. We will use SL because it is a universal measurement – it doesn’t matter what length pool you...

Virtual Competition

We’ve sparked some interest on the TI Forums in what Coach Suzanne, Terry and I call the Virtual Competition with Sun Yang. However, the format I’ve laid out can be used for a competition between any swimmers separated by space or time anywhere in the...
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