Learning The 2 Beat Kick – Part 2

Learning The 2 Beat Kick – Part 2

Continued from Part 1… Forming The Kick Conveniently, these two roles for the legs – CBF and 2BK – work together seamlessly. The counter-balanced foot position happens to be the poised position for the feet, ready to initiate the next kick on the...
Learning The 2 Beat Kick – Part 1

Learning The 2 Beat Kick – Part 1

The Kick Is An Advanced Skill The 2-Beat Kick is an action of the feet that must be coordinated with the timing of rotation and arm-switch in front, otherwise it has limited or even a confusing effect. It only has the desired effect when it is timed with that rotation...
Concerned About Sinking Legs In Drills?

Concerned About Sinking Legs In Drills?

We have a student working through our Pool Comfort lesson series. In this series we guide people through a gentle process of removing the anxiety and stress they’ve felt in the water, which has previously hindered them from making progress in swim lessons, or...

Metrics 101: SPL Development Process

First reference these previous two posts: Metrics 101: Stroke Length Metrics 101: Aim For Stroke Length Ease Let me explain a bit about the SPL (or Stroke Length) Development Process:   Step 1. Reach SPL range. In the first stage you are developing the ability to...

Hip-Leg Alignment

Another problem area for the swimmer is in the hip and leg alignment. I will first re-state that the head is the anchor for alignment of all these other body parts. Work on the head first, then the lower back, hips and legs will be much, much easier to correct. So if...

Head-Spine Alignment

This is Part 2, following Core Strength And Control… Let’s divide the body into these sections of focus as we examine alignment and core strength in the swimmer:   Head   Spine   Waist   Hips   Legs This article will address the head and spine: The head is...
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