Funky Currents In The Bosphorus

Funky Currents In The Bosphorus

I am in Istanbul this weekend for the 2015 Bosphorus Cross-Continental Race. Previously, I wrote about the 2013 BCC race I participated in. This year we have several swimming friends and students converging from around the world – Netherlands, Russia, UK, South...

Metrics In Open Water: Measuring Distance

Now that open-water season is more widely opened up in the Northern Hemisphere we should discuss some ideas about translating pool practice into open-water. It takes an adjustment in mindset to move from pool practice to open-water practice. When asked I let swimmers...

A Tricky Bosphorus Race

I was pleased to participate in the 25th Annual Bosphorus Continental Crossing Race (Boğaziçi Kıtalararası Yarış) yesterday in Istanbul, Turkey. There were 1600 swimmers with 600+ of us from other countries. From the survey of the course on the tour boat (provided for...

Blind Swimming

A couple days ago I went on a swim along the cliffs of Antalya in a place I can usually have all to myself. The water was warm and calm, no waves or chop. As it gets hotter this summer the clarity is lowering- I can still see maybe 5 meters down, but it has a cloudy...
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