Head-Spine Alignment

This is Part 2, following Core Strength And Control… Let’s divide the body into these sections of focus as we examine alignment and core strength in the swimmer:   Head   Spine   Waist   Hips   Legs This article will address the head and spine: The head is...

Core Strength And Control

Recently, I’ve gotten a few requests for more input on core body strength and spine alignment so I will share some comments I have been giving students in my lessons… First of all, we are land mammals. We have all grown up learning to standing vertical...

Capturing The Awesome Stroke

When was the last time, after taking a breather (at the wall, or a pause in an ow swim to recover) and then when you resumed swimming, your first few strokes felt AWESOME before everything gradually faded back into ‘normal’ ? For some swimmers this may...
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