Metrics 103: Pace Construction

Metrics 103: Pace Construction

Can we assume that two swimmers who achieve the same Pace are equal in efficiency as well (in both terms of physics and of physiology)? No. Because the same Pace can be constructed by different combinations of SPL x Tempo, and each of those different combinations...

Metrics 101: SPL Development Process

First reference these previous two posts: Metrics 101: Stroke Length Metrics 101: Aim For Stroke Length Ease Let me explain a bit about the SPL (or Stroke Length) Development Process:   Step 1. Reach SPL range. In the first stage you are developing the ability to...

Technique And Fitness Unite

I first acknowledge that TI Head Coach Terry is emphasizing this topic lately. It’s not coincidental that I am processing these ideas at the same time, though it is timely since several TI students have been asking for better understanding in this very area. So,...

The Perfect Stroke

When you read the words, “The Perfect Stroke” what comes to your mind? When you read the words, “Your Most Perfect Stroke,” what comes to your mind? Most likely, these two phrases conjured up different images, sensations, and memories for you....
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