I swam 49 minutes @ 8:30 at Konyalti, from the stream towards the east. Sunny, hot, the water got choppy with small swells. Water visibility was better but still limited to about 4 or 5 meters.


I did a Tempo Trainer set. 8X 250 strokes, starting at 1.30 then increasing tempo .03 seconds per repeat. Rest interval was as long as it took to make the 3 clicks on the TT. I ended at 1.09 tempo.

This was amazingly easy to increase tempo each repeat in open-water like this compared to doing it in the pool. The walls and flip-turns really interrupt the rhythm. In OW, over 250 strokes (about 5-6 minutes) it just got easier and easier then I clicked down and kept going hardly noticing the .03 acceleration. I was swimming the last 12 minutes into the swells and chop at 1.12 and 1.09 tempo and not even feeling like I was going hard. It went by rather quickly as I was focused on tempo, hip thrust, and keeping parallel to the buoy line. I actually enjoyed dealing with the swells and chop, even at this more brisk pace. It felt like I was cutting through the waves without disrupting balance or tempo.

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