I swam 83 minutes today in the sea, starting at 8:20, at Konyaaltı by the stream. It was sunny, cool-warm, with a slight onshore breeze which kept the sea flat and calm. No swells, no waves. The sea was 25 C where I started, where the fresh, cold stream water mixes with the sea. I guess it was around 27 C out in the open. Water visability was around 4m deep. There was a slight westerly current and I swam with it on the way out, against it on the way back.

8 minute faster termpo warm up, then 250-stroke repeats, alternating sprint/cruise tempo ‘by feel’.

sprint cruise
split tempo split tempo
4.11 1.00 4.46 1.14
4.00 0.96 4.34 1.09
4.10 1.00 4.09 (off count)
3.46 0.90 4.43 1.13
3.50 0.92 4.44 1.13
3.14 (off count) 4.44 1.13
3.49 0.92 4.40 1.12
3.45 0.90 4.29 1.07

I was well rested from the night before, after taking 2 days off for the weekend. I felt fresh, strong, loose, and it felt right to do a brisker warm-up.

My tempo work in the pool last week, however sluggish the cold water made me feel, seems to have paid off. Last time I did this OW set I was topping out at .94 for the sprint and 1.17 for the cruise. This time I was as low as 0.90 for the sprint and settling into 1.13 for the cruise.

How? Tempo work, good rest, warmer water, salt water buoyancy all played a part I am sure.

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