I swam 67 minutes today at 10:30 at the Konyaaltı Varyant. I swam west past the dock and back. It was sunny cool-warm, clear with a slight onshore breeze that kept the surface fairly smooth. The water was 23 C with colder surface spots from fresh water flows.

10 minute warm-up then I alternated 250-stroke SL/low-drag emphasis, and 100-stroke fist swim. I covered8 cycles, and my tempo on the SL repeats was 1.18, 1.14, 1.19, 1.16, 1.17, 1.15, 1.17, 1.14

The sea was smooth and delightful. At the beginning I was just slightly uncomfortable and especially as I crossed some point where colder fresh water was seeping along the surface. But as I kept a strong pace I felt fine. The air was not warm enough to warm me at all though.

I felt strong, smooth, and wonderful today. I kept a consistent, long, low-drag form and just wanted to keep going and going. I concentrated on quiet entry, a long reach, snug fingers, elbows up and out (alternating my focal point of course).

I did feel a little chill setting in as I got near the end (to where more cold fresh water seeps in), but it was not too much to overcome with a bit more intensity on the SL repeats.

Oh, it was nice!

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