• Fore/Aft Balance- create a rigid frame along the spine, balance over chest using weight of the head and arms in front versus the legs and hips in back.
  • Rotational Balance- create a rigid frame held at an angle by activing core muscles.


  • Passive Streamlining- in long, relaxed skate position
  • Minimize drag by creating a long, lean vessel
  • Leading surface creates high pressure zone (drag)
  • Trailing surface creates low pressure zone (drag)
  • Active Streamlining- keeping a long vessel while transitioning between streamline

Synchronized Whole-Body Propulsion

  • Core Rotation- using the hip thrust and torso to power the extension forward
  • Arm Extension- transfering force forward to the cutting edge of the body through the water
  • Toe Flick (2-Beat Kick)- to initiate the hip thurst
  • Catch- Full forearm and hand, high-elbow catch to create longer stroke by holding water and sliding the body past the hand

How we measure our stroke quality and swimming progress:

  1. Stroke Count (Strokes Per Length, SPL, and Stroke Length, SL)
  2. Stroke Rate (SR), (using a Tempo Trainer makes this practical)
  3. Distance/Duration
  4. Time/Pace
  5. Work/Rest Intervals

We measure quality of our swimming by measuring Stroke Count, Stroke Length and Effort level. Time is not a variable, it is a RESULT of a certain SL x SR combination. Train for the skill to maintain a certain SL and SR for a certain distance, then a certain Time will be the natural result.

Make every practice time and every set be intelligent and purposeful. Know where you are at with SL and SR for the distance you are training for. Know where you want to be to reach your goal, and indentify which skills you need to work on in order to get there. Train for the exact SL x SR conbinations that are appropriate for your specific distance or goal. Faster time will be the natural result of intelligent training.

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