Here is the basic TI Swimmer dashboard that I hold in my head. After sitting on my sketches for maybe a year I’ve finally built a diagram of it that I can share with you. I have some plans for using this in a workbook for swimmers eventually but I would like to share it with you and see if you can interpret it the way I have intended it to be understood.

TI Swimmer Dashboard

You may note that some objects on the dashboard are gauges that give information, and some are dials that you manipulate. The readings on the gauges are affected by how you set the dials and other internal things you, as the swimmer, control (or will learn to).

In my description of advanced training strategy I use the metaphor of a boat. Your body is the vessel and the propeller, your muscles and metabolic system are the engine and fuel system. You are the pilot. So this dashboard represents the things you learn to pay attention to and manipulate as an intelligent pilot.

I could add another series of more subtle or complicated dials and gauges but really most fundamental training concepts can be summarized with these. Just mastering these can take an entire swimming career so there is plenty to learn for anyone right here.  All this learning potential is what keeps us so jazzed about swimming with a continual improvement mindset.

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