This blog has been going for over 7 years, and has gathered over 450 posts on mindful swimming and related topics. From time to time I’ve been asked when I will compose a book out of some of it.

Blogs tend to keep attention on the latest post while good stuff gets buried and lost in the archive. Though I have carefully kept all the posts categorized for easier searching on any topic, they still get lost and you have no idea all the treasures still available down there.

Out of those depths I could extract the pieces for many books, but I have been aiming at a different vision…

A ‘Living’ Book

Instead of a mere paper or simple ebook that might age quickly, what has emerged is a vision to create a ‘living book’ that starts as a brief summary of main points, then allows you to expand it by links that instantly open up additional explanations and resources. This living books would be updated continually as more materials are added and content improved. As the owner of the book you would buy once and have every future update included automatically.

The first step in this direction was to build a site that would organize our growing library of materials, making those available to serious students. The second step was to create online training courses that are interwoven with those resources. The latest version of these steps are located on the Mediterra Swim Dojo now – the site dedicated to our online training services.

The third step will be to create an app which allows you to keep that continually updating, expandable digital ‘book’ with you wherever you go, including access to the library behind it.

The ‘Book’ Is Online

We are not to that app stage yet, but I am pleased to announce we’ve finally published our Self Coaching 101 course which pulls from all those resources. This course systematically summarizes the essential training concepts you need in order to design and execute a series of practices that are personalized to your own needs and pace of  learning.

We do enjoy creating online practice plans and guiding you through those, but our bigger vision at Mediterra is to empower you to coach yourself. We coach you in order to set you free as you would like to be! 

I am not worried about ‘working myself out of a job’ because most people will still prefer to have someone else go through the effort of writing practice plans and lead practice sessions. But I think there are many of you reading this blog in particular who appreciate being empowered to take care of yourselves. This course is for you.

Simplified, Step-By-Step

The Self Coaching 101 course strips down the complexity of skill+fitness training to the essentials to get you started. We provide step-by-step assignments to guide you in building your own series of practices that fit you right where you are at. By the end of the course, you will have an intelligent practice plan to work with immediately, and the understanding to create an endless number more.

We’ve refined the explanations so much that you could probably read through the summaries in this course in less than 2 hours. The assignments will take you more time. As you work through it you may click on the links throughout to read expanded explanations at certain points that may need more.  


For $30 you get 3 month access to the course, including access to our entire online library of training resources, and an exclusive online forum for members of the Self Coaching 101 course.

For the skill you gain at this price you immediately multiply the value of all the practice ideas you have already gathered without having to buy another book. This understanding allows you may:

  • take practices others have written (even if they are not skill-oriented) and make them fit you better
  • take any single practice and multiply it into dozens of progressive practices

For example, my wonderful TI Master Coach colleagues – Celeste, Suzanne and Dinah – have written Fresh Freestyle: 99 Practice For Triathletes & Swimmers. From the starting point they provide you could competently produce 400 more.

Does this course seem to meet a need you feel right now?

Check out the description page, and let us know what you think.



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