Here are some questions I have been wanting to ask all of you who enjoy reading this blog. Perhaps you would care to take a moment and write me a response.

I am occasionally asked by swim students and readers when I am going to ‘write a book’ or compose one out of what is already posted on this blog. But write about what specifically? 

First, what topic would you like me to address? What topic is being neglected or insufficiently discussed by other author/coaches that you would hope I would cover? Or, why would you want me to write about it even though others have already written about it?

Second, (I could guess but…) why do you want it in a book form – either ebook or printed – rather than just read it on the blog?

And third, looking at all the training resources that you do have access to already (including this blog), what kind of instructional or coaching tool do you wish someone (like me) would produce for you to fulfill a need or gap in your resources? What is on your wish list? It could be written, graphic, audio or visual resources, or even a live training event.

If you like the idea of influencing what I may produce next, this would be a great opportunity to tell me how I can serve you better with my skills. 



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