It has been just over two months now since Coach Terry passed away from this realm we are conscious of. I’d been waiting carefully until I felt I could listen to his voice again. Early this morning, preparing for a long run in the dark, I felt it was time to listen to Tim Ferriss’ interview with Terry recorded just a week before he has the stroke, and was published after his passing.

I am a frequent listener to Tim’s podcasts and in this long-format interview (which I prefer) he did a great job (as he normally does) drawing out the stories and principles we have been shaped by. He honored Terry and the efficacious brilliance of the TI method. And, the conversation moved beyond swimming to dip into Terry’s inner experience in the extremely challenging last two years, which was so moving to listen to since no one expecting there were less than 3 weeks left in his life.

At over two hours, this podcast is worth listening to all the way through the end, for reasons Tim explains in the introduction. Even if it requires breaking it into smaller spans of listening, you will be blessed by it.


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