There is nothing like a bit of surprising news to catch your attention, and this may surprise a lot of you, but not all.

Here it is: With some regret and some relief I resigned from my association with Total Immersion, Inc. at the end of September. I was a certified coach and master coach with the organization since 2010 and of this moment, I am no longer.

In a nutshell, the reason for leaving is that TI, Inc. is more emphatically becoming something that is quite different than what I originally signed up to be a part of. There are no controversies or contentions between us that I am aware of. Yet, I realize it is time to move on. It’s been a difficult decision I have pondered carefully for a couple years, seeking perspective and input from many people. I have total peace about making this move now; perhaps the timing has been right. 

As I move on, I genuinely wish for the best for TI, Inc and the Laughlin Family. I cherish the memory and legacy of our beloved Coach Terry. I have great respect and affection for my former TI Coach colleagues and for those who have left the organization for similar reasons as I have.

To save space here, I have composed this open letter on the Mediterra website so you can read the story and explanation, if you care to learn more about it. This is my genuine explanation that I have given to everyone, including the TI office. I hope you can receive it at face value.

What will happen with Mediterra and me? Not much is going to change, really. We will keep producing the great things you’ve come to expect from us, and we will finally get going on things we’ve been postponing while pondering this decision. I should have more interesting and positive news to share in a couple months as new things unfold.

In the mean time, we’re about ready to announce our main international swim camp dates for 2020, while we keep on providing exceptional instruction, coaching, online training, and I will keep publishing to our formidable library of articles on the Smooth Strokes blog (10 years old now and over 600 original articles!). 

If this news interests you in any way, please read the open letter to get more understanding. You are welcome to email me your questions, comments or concerns and we can chat more about it. 

We might say one fruitful and interesting chapter for me is ending and a new, even more promising chapter is starting. I am genuinely looking forward it, with more hope and peace than I have felt in quite a while. 

Best Regards,

~ Coach Mat


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