About Coach Mat Hudson

Quick Bio For Coach Mat


  • 1973

Family Status

  • Happily married
  • 4 children (at home)

Swimming History

  • Swim training since 1988 – competitive high school athlete
  • Competitive Olympic distance triathlete (university years)
  • Long-distance Open Water Specialist since 2008


Running History

  • Run training since 1991
  • 10K specialist (with Olympic distance triathlon)
  • Out with knee injury 1994 to 1998, then surgery
  • Changed to ‘natural’ (barefoot) style running since 2010
  • Studying Chi Running since 2011
  • Studying Pose Method for Running since 2017
  • Began ultra-distance training 2017

Total Immersion History

  • Practicing TI since 2001
  • TI Coaching starting 2010 to 2019
  • TI Master Coach starting 2011 to 2019


Athletic Specialties

  • Open-water, marathon distance (10+ km) swimming
  • Ultra-distance, off-road running
  • Sport climbing (outdoor, rock)

Training Objectives

  • Longevity – to live longer, with a highest level of physical and mental acuity
  • Learning – to keep learning new skills, insights, make more contributions
  • To improve and maintain mindfulness in all parts of daily life
  • To attain and sustain Flow-State under varied and increasingly challenging conditions


Read More About Coach Mat’s Story

Coach Mat Hudson has been a competitive swimmer and endurance athlete for over 30 years (with some years spent rock climbing too). In water, he maintains fitness for both sprints and long distance open water swimming. On land he is currently training for an ultra-distance mountain running expedition. In water, on land, sitting, standing, sleeping – Mat enjoys practicing mindfulness.

In swimming, he has been a Total Immersion practitioner since 2001. In 2010 he became a certified Total Immersion Coach and eventually a TI Master Coach (teaching new coaches), with a particular enjoyment in helping people feel at home in real open water. He resigned from the TI organization amicably in September 2019. 

His running technique might be described as a ‘natural style’. His practice and teaching are heavily influenced by Chi Running and Pose Method, which have a a lot in common in their approaches to form and practice.

Coach Mat is focused on creating longveity athletes – those who value setting up their whole being to function well up to the oldest age. He has particular sensitivity and skill for working with older adults, those with pain and injury, those with fear and other challenges to performing better. He is excited to have students bring new problems and challenges to solve.

He has been involved in a year long mentorship with a somatic trauma therapist (Marc Otto) and periodically meets with a renown neuro physio therapist (Mike Studer) to improve his understanding for working with the whole person on a deeper level. He is intent on creating a safe, compassionate, encouraging, and inspiring training atmosphere for all kinds of people. He is eager to back up everything taught with clear, logical scientifically-sound explanations, and skillful diagnostics.

Coach Mat currently lives in Oregon with his family. He was formerly living along the Mediterranean Coast of Turkey for many years, leading open water swim camps and traveling to teach swimmers and new coaches throughout Europe, Russia and the Mediterranean Region. He has taught in over 13 countries around the world. He continues to travel to teach. He works with local and international students, publishes weekly on his vast training blog and add more resources to his already abundant training website, the Mediterra Dojo.

If he could inspire you with one statement, he would like to say, “If you could feel in your body what I feel in mine when I swim [or run] you would not want to stop moving. It looks and truly feels wonderful, and I can show you how to move that way too.”