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Note: As of the winter and spring of 2023, Coach Mat is not taking on new students.

In Mediterra’s program you will experience an enjoyable learning path to swimming better than ever before. In our approach you can remove fear, learn to swim a new stroke, swim safer, stronger, longer and faster. You will come to enjoy swimming more than ever. We work with new swimmers, advanced, triathletes and open water swimmers. We teach all four stroke styles.  All adults are welcome, especially older adults and seniors, and those with physical and neural limitations.

Main Information


For sessions with either Coach Mat or Coach Jamee…

60-minute session: $80

75-minute session: $100

90-minute session: $120

Add up to three friends*, $40 each, per session

*The group should be composed of people of about the same skill level. If in doubt, let’s discuss it.

Each individual in the group will fill out a separate registration form.

You may choose any topic of study from the menu, come alone or form a group of 2 to 4 people of similar skill level, and chat with your coach to schedule a mutually suitable time for your session or series of sessions. Private lessons and small group lessons follow the same pricing plan.

Payments can be made by each individual or with one person making the entire payment for the group. A non-refundable deposit is required to reserve the session for each individual. Full payment for each lesson is due before each lesson, or by other arrangement with Mediterra.

You may read more about Our Pricing Explained.

You may read more about our Terms for Training Events.



Step 1

If you are a new student, or are returning after being away more than 6 months, please fill out a registration form.

Step 2

If you have been a student within the last 6 months and would like to continue or resume, continue to the next step.

Step 3

You may visit our booking page to see the available slots and choose one or more. You may book up to 24 hours before.

You will receive a notification at the booking, and you’ll receive a reminder the day before your appointment. By a link given in those emails you can cancel up to 24 hours before. We will charge for lessons cancelled later than 24 hours, with consideration given to difficult circumstances.

Dates and Times

Dates and Times in Salem Oregon

Hosted by Courthouse Club Fitness in Salem, Oregon.

Sessions in Salem will typically be on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

Please click the booking button above to see precise days and times available (those not already booked or blocked by other events). Sessions can be booked up to 60 days in advance.


Training Overview

Training Overview
Our instructors are exceptional in their understanding and approach to teaching and guiding swim students. Our principle-based and neurologically sensitive learning methods will guide you into the safer, stronger, longer lasting movement patterns for swimming.  Your understanding and appreciation for your body and the water will likely expand. Your training activities will help strengthen attention in your mind, and improve control in your body.

At the start of each new skill project we will explain the big picture (the what, why and how of each skill) and then describe each activity and the specific cues we will use. Then we will practice these over and over in small, manageable pieces, gradually layering skills and building complexity in the positions and movements.

For each skill we will move through three steps during the training:

  1. Introduction to the the skills, the relevant focal points, and the drills we may use.
  2. In-water demonstration, hands-on correction and feedback from the instructor.
  3. Guided practice for you to integrate the new skills

You may view our Lesson Series Overview to get an idea of what your learning experience will be like.

There is a great deal of new (verbal, visual and kinesthetic) information given out in these sessions and we are aware that a new student will absorb only a portion of it all. We have a lot of that information stored on our training site which you will have access to. Many swimmers sign up to take a series again to review and pick up much more the second time through.You may read more about how we organize the progression of skills and training on our Levels Of Proficiency page.

Personal Practice Required

Personal Practice Required

Will you have time in your schedule to practice between lessons?

Just as if you were practicing a musical instrument or a foreign language, it is important to your progress that you practice on your own between lessons, at least once, if not two or three times.

You may look at scheduling lessons when you know you will have room in your calendar to include personal practice times between. They don’t need to be long sessions, but even just a few practices will help your brain and body digest what you’ve been learning and make steady progress from lesson to lesson.

Included in Your Series

Included in Your Series

When you take a series of lessons with us you also receive…

Attentive, in-water, hands-on guidance and encouragement from your skilled coach

3-month access to lesson notes and practice guides on our online training site the Mediterra Dojo. This is where you will find more training guidance and a tremendous amount of additional knowledge on swimming, on health and a whole lot more.

Silicon Mediterra swim cap

Access to club changing room and pool (for non-members)

Choose Your Training Topic

Private Lesson Series

Customized Private Lessons Description
Private lessons are totally customizable to you or your small groups needs and interests. We can make a plan to work through a set of skills (like those listed on this page) or work on whatever topics of interest you have at the start of the session.

We can work anywhere from beginner skills to advance skills and high performance training. We are particularly pleased to work with those who feel they have athletic aches and pains, those with neural and physical injury or impairment, older adults and those who need a safe and gentle approach to learning. We are eager to work in sensitive cooperation with other therapeutic attention and body work you may be receiving.

Private lessons may be combined with a customized coaching plan through the Mediterra Dojo, where you receive both a personalized training plan and live coaching attention in the pool.

Pool Comfort Series

Pool Comfort Description

Do you feel anxious or fearful in water? Not able to comfortably hold your breath, or float very well? Not ready for regular swim lessons yet? Have you felt stressed by other methods of learning to swim?


Enjoy our patient, kind, gentle, skilled guidance to help you gain comfort and confidence in the water. Start to enjoy more activities in the pool! This will get you ready for swim lessons, if you would like to go farther.

The minimum recommended duration of this series is four weeks, with one 60-minute lesson each week, and your own practice time between, if possible.

You may feel more comfortable in a one-on-one situation or share the time and encouragement with a friend or two with similar needs.

New Swimmer Series

New Swimmer Description
Do you want to learn to swim basic crawl stroke? Do you want to make your stroke smoother, and struggle-free?

We will patiently and skillfully guide you into swimming freestyle safely, smoothly, and peacefully. You’ll enjoy swimming more than ever.

This series is specifically for those who are not afraid of water, for new swimmers, for people recovering from injury, and for those who feel sore, struggle to move forward, or feel inefficient. We’ll show you have to reduce or completely remove all of that.

The recommended duration of this series is four weeks, with one 60-minute lesson each week, and your own practice time between, if possible.

Freestyle Fundamentals Series

Freestyle Fundamentals Description

Do you want to learn to swim freestyle (a.k.a. crawl stroke)? Do you want to make your stroke smoother, and struggle-free?

This series will guide you to swim freestyle more smoothly, more peacefully, and much more efficiently. You’ll enjoy swimming more than ever.

Develop a balanced frame, a streamlined body, using forward momentum and weight shift to slide forward better than ever. And, you’ll develop a much easier, rhythmic breathing pattern. This series will prepare you to take the Freestyle Advanced series. 

The recommended duration of this series is four weeks, with one 60-minute lesson each week, and your own practice time between, if possible.

Freestyle Advanced Series

Freestyle Advanced Description

If you’ve been working on mastering the fundamentals, perhaps your ready to go farther.

Do you want to learn to develop much more efficient and effective propulsion, that doesn’t leave your body feeling sore and wasted? Do you want to feel acceleration on each stroke?

This series will show you how to coordinate and synchronize your moving parts to use your energy more conservatively and move much more easily forward. This is where you’ll start to touch the magic of synchronized motion!

Develop your underwater catch, the action of the legs and connect these to the torso rotation. Learn how to use stroke counting and a swimmer metronome (Tempo Trainer) to shift your skill and fitness to a whole new level. The Freestyle Fundamentals series is a prerequisite for this series – check with us to see if you feel you can waive that course.

The recommended duration of this series is four weeks, with one 60-minute lesson each week, and your own practice time between, if possible.

Different Strokes Series

Different Strokes Description

Do you want to learn one of the other standard stroke styles – breaststroke, backstroke, or butterfly? Do you want to tune up or refine your technique in one of these for recreation or competition? Have you been feeling stress or pain while trying one of these?

A series focused on one of these stroke styles can help you develop the fundamental skills and understanding you need to swim this way with more ease and efficiency.

Depending on your starting point and your learning objective for one of these stroke styles, the duration of a series may be 2 to 4 weeks, with one 60-minute lesson each week, and your own practice time between, if possible.

Pool Skills Series

Pool Skills Description

Do you want to learn how to do smooth, fast flip turns (a.k.a. tumble turns)? Do you want to learn how to do fast, efficient starts from the wall, edge, or blocks? Do you want to learn how to swim more comfortably and courteously with other swimmers sharing the lane? Do you want to learn to dive in or dive down to the bottom? 

We will be glad to teach you the skills that experienced pool swimmers may take for granted, that make sharing space, training and competing go a lot better.

Depending on your starting point and your learning objective for pool skills, the duration of a series may be 1 or more sessions.

Guided Practice Group

Guided Practice Group Description

If you’ve been one of our lesson series students and would like to continue building your skills and fitness under the attentive guidance of our coaches, along with others who appreciate swimming like you, you may join our weekly Guided Practice Group sessions.

Participants are divided into groups by skill level or interest, and training activities will be personalized as much as possible to fit your individual needs.

In guided practice sessions we will explain the deeper principles of safe, sound training and expose you to examples for how to design and conduct practice sets on your own. We will guide you into mindful swimming and deeper flow state where skill and challenge meet in that magical way.

You will not likely find technique+fitness training sessions like this elsewhere.Different pricing applies to our Guided Practice Group.

Open Water Clinics

Open Water Clinics Description

Seasonally, we offer open water clinics in Oregon to help you work on your open-water specific skills and enjoy our beautiful regional swim-friendly bodies of water.

These open water skills may include maintaining form over distance or in rough water, sighting and navigating, swimming straight in murky water, maintaining calm and efficiency under fatigue or stressful conditions, new wetsuit adaptation, and much more in swimming physiology and psychology. We are focused foremost on helping our swimmers become safer, stronger and more skilled, and thereby become more comfortable and more confident in the open water. 

These clinics are open to new and alumni students.

Swimmers are instructed and escorted by our coaches (who are also lifeguards), on shore and in kayaks.Different pricing applies to our Open Water Clinics.

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