Follow A Proven Effective Path

Follow A Proven Effective Path

This is the second part of a series discussing how Deliberate Practice principles are embodied in our method and manner of training. You may read Part 1 first. I am referring to Chapter 4 “The Gold Standard” in Anders Ericsson’s book Peak: Secrets...

Your TI Training Options – Part 1

I’ve written this series of articles as a reference I can point prospective students to, in order to consider the training options available to you. It may serve as a bit of a self-filtering process to help you decide what is the best fit for your needs and...
New Stroke Demo Videos

New Stroke Demo Videos

I was in Clermont, Florida last week to attend a joint ‘Fast Forward’ TI Coach 2.0 training camp led by my colleague Tracey Baumann and Erin Glynn and a TI Triathlon Training Camp led by coaches Celeste Saint Pierre, Suzanne Atkinson and Dinah Damian. Head...

Success Through Failure

TI in Poland Heach Coach Pawel Lewicki and I just finished another successful Total Immersion Coach Certification Camp a couple days ago in Jarocin, Poland. This one was better than ever. We had great students (as usual) and added even better features to the training...

Headed to Poland

I am looking forward to a week in Poland. I’ll be in Wrzesnia to co-lead a TI Coach training and certification camp 23  to 28 August. I am also looking forward to recovering my strength as well. For over a month now my strength has been dropping and I...
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