I am looking forward to a week in Poland. I’ll be in Wrzesnia to co-lead a TI Coach training and certification camp 23  to 28 August.

I am also looking forward to recovering my strength as well. For over a month now my strength has been dropping and I wasn’t sure why.  After my long 9+km swims in early July I just about stopped training because I was so exhausted all the time. Certainly, my weekdays are spent between extremes of baking in the sun and chilling in the water, but some rest should have restored me each weekend. I couldn’t sleep enough to get the edge off and would just crash at night. A couple days ago I finally got the clue that it might be some intestinal parasite, though I don’t have the gross or violent symptoms. So I started some meds yesterday to combat it. I haven’t had a dramatic shift, but the sense of exhaustion has been relieved and I am feeling better than I have in a few weeks.

I have a suspicion that I got the bug from sipping on old water bottles. I hate tossing once-used plastic in the garbage, so I often have a water bottle from days ago that I keep refilling and leave in my swim bag which gets baked in the sun each day- the right place for amoebas to grow! I guess I will have to come up with a new habit of cleaning bottles regularly so I can spare the landfill from my plastic and spare my guts.

While playing with my son in the sea this morning I felt the first stirrings in a month to swim more than short lengths with long rests between. It is my hope that within a couple days, at the start of the coach training camp I’ll feel revived and ready to enjoy some early morning swims and longer training sets with other coaches.

I hope to keep you posted while there.

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