Pools In Salem, Oregon

A quick guide to your lap pool options.

Courthouse Fitness

In Salem, by far the most abundant opportunity for lap lanes is among the five Courthouse Fitness locations.

  • Battle Creek has a 5 lane indoor lap pool, which has nice cool water for energetic swimming.
  • West Salem has a 4 lane indoor, which has nice cool water for energetic swimming. It has a 4 lane outdoor pool, open from May to October, and the water is heated, slightly warmer than the indoor pool.
  • South River Road has a 4 lane indoor pool, and the temperature is in the middle of lap swim range. This pool is being renovated at the moment (as of spring 2021).
  • Keizer has a 4 lane indoor pool, and the temperature is slightly on the warmer side for energetic lap swimming. There is also a seasonal outdoor pool, but not set up for lap swimming.
  • Lancaster has a 4 lane indoor pool with water that is very warm. It is nice for doing lessons and slow work, but it likely too warm for energetic swimming, for athletes.

The different clubs have a somewhat different member demographics and schedules of pool use. However, if you like to swim 5:30 to 7am, 11 to 3pm, or weekends after 11am, you may often have several lanes to yourself!


Salem Kroc Center – Salvation Army

The most appealing lap pool in Salem is Kroc Center. It has nice wide lanes, deep, consistent, (cool enough) lap swim temp. Their monthly member rate is reasonable. They’ve got a fitness/gym area also. But there is more limits on their lap swim lanes and times because the pool is heavily used by local swim teams in the fall/winter.


Salem YMCA

The Salem YMCA is building a whole new facility, including a new 25 yard lap pool. Their old building is gone now and the new building is under construction – it may be completed by end of the year or early 2022. They have moved some of their pool activities to the YMCA pool in Independence, about a 20 minute drive to the west on South River Road.


Olinger Public Pool

As of the Winter 2019 the old public Olinger Pool is no more. It has been filled in and the building is being converted to more educational space for the high school next door.


24 Hour Fitness

There was a 24 Hour Fitness on Lancaster Blvd, with 4 lane lap pool, but they closed down permanently because of COVID.


Albany Public Pool

In summer the 50 meter Albany Public Pool, about 25 miles south of Salem on Interstate 5, is open for long course swimming! It’s nice to sneak down there some early morning for longer lengths for longer swims.

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