Staying In Salem, Oregon

Guidance on planning your stay in Salem for a training experience.
Transportation From Airport
You may have your own car or you may rent a car, of course.

You may take a shuttle service from the Portland International Airport (PDX) to Salem. It takes about 75 minutes to/from the airport when traffic is medium or light. Allow another 30 minutes during rush hour.

Groome Transportation delivers to the Salem Airport terminal on the south side of town, and it costs about $33 one way.

You may rent a car at Enterprise Rental located near the Salem Airport also.

There are hotel options close to both of these locations.

Recommended Hotels
Salem is not a big city, so anywhere you stay, you are within 20 minutes of where we may be practicing.

There is a big clump of business-style and tourism hotels, in a variety of prices, in the Interstate 5 and Market Street junction.

And there are a few more business-style hotels on the south side of town, near Interstate 5 and Mission Street. These are around Costco and along Hawthorne Avenue (see image below).

There is a Phoenix Inn farther south around the intersection of S Commercial Street and Sunnyside. This is located closest to the Courthouse Fitness Battlecreek pool location.

You may find any of these on

The Grand Hotel in downtown Salem is possibly the most upscale hotel in the city.

Club Locations in Salem

Our lessons are hosted by Courthouse Fitness in Salem, Oregon, with 5 locations.

Courthouse West Salem at 300 Glen Creek Rd NW

Courthouse Battle Creek at 6250 Commercial St SE

Courthouse Lancaster at 4132 Devonshire Ct NE

Courthouse Keizer at 117 McNary Estates Dr N

Courthouse South River Road at 2975 River Rd

Check the event page and with your coach to confirm which Courthouse club your lessons will be held at.

Lodging In Salem Map
Notice the proximity of the lodging along I-5 Freeway to the locations of the five Courthouse Club fitness locations.


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