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with Mediterra in Portland and Salem, Oregon

Book your swim training sessions with the links at the bottom of this page. To establish as a new student, please fill out a registration form. You may pay for subsequent lessons using the Quick Payment link button below. Please take a look at the booking notes below.

Note on Coach Jamee maternity leave

Coach Jamee is on maternity leave starting in January 2022. We are hoping she will return to teaching lessons in Portland in May.

Note on Booking Sessions

You may book a session up to 12 weeks ahead.

As you scroll through the dates, if no slots appear on certain days as expected, then those slots have been booked already or the coach is not available that day.

Note on booking at MJCC

Lane availability at MJCC in Portland is quite limited because of pool staffing shortages, and Coach Mat covering both Salem and Portland during Coach Jamee’s maternity leave. Only Mondays and Wednesdays are available at the moment. We hope to see weekend slots open in the spring as MJCC staffing increases.

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