First Lesson Instructions

What you need to know to arrive and get started in your first lesson experience.

Please aim to arrive at your first lesson 30 minutes early. This will give you time to check in at reception and then get dressed down for the lesson.

When you arrive just go to the front desk and let the person at the reception know you are there for your first time, and will be working with Coach Mat or Coach Jamee. They will set you up in the computer system, and will give you a standard waiver form to fill out, and that will be it. You’ve paid Mediterra already so there is no need to pay anything else to access the facility for our sessions.

After this first visit, each time you visit the club again for our lessons, please let the person at the reception desk know you are there to work with Coach Mat or Coach Jamee in the pool, and they will check you in on the computer. 

Access To Facilities

For those who are members of the club already, you have access to the whole facility at any time outside our scheduled lessons.

For those who are not members of the club, know that you are warmly welcomed by the owner and staff as one of our students. Your payment for the lessons permits you to come into the club around our scheduled lesson times. You may come a bit early and stay a bit later if you like. You are welcome to use the locker rooms and the aquatic section of the facility, as part of our lesson package. They trust us and they trust the kind of students we attract.

What To Bring

The clubs do have lockable lockers in the very nice, fully-equipped changing room. You may bring your own lock if you prefer. (Turtles Yoga has keys to lockers which you may borrow from the front desk).

Bring your swim suit, goggles, a towel and shower sandals. The air is cool from the changing room to the pool area so you may bring a robe or shirt if you prefer.

We will give you a silicon swim camp (you are not obligated to wear it), and a waterproof notebook to keep personal lesson notes in, if you like.

If video analysis is scheduled to be included in your lesson package or workshop, you may bring a flash drive with you to take your video files home with you.

Late Arrival and Cancellation

We have been fortunate that so far our students have been very respectful of our scheduled appointments, and communicate quickly and early if they will be late or they need to cancel. Because of this we do not feel the need to impose a penalty for cancelled lessons.

If you arrive late to a scheduled lesson we make no guarantee that we can make up the lost time, nor offer a discount for the shorter lesson.

We do ask that you try to anticipate any possible conflicts or obstacles to showing up for a scheduled lesson and notify us 12 hours in advance so we can adjust our schedule and make good use of the time in other ways.

We really appreciate your efforts to making this training relationship friend-like, and mutually considerate.

Work Load

The lessons may not be as physically demanding as you expect, especially at the beginning. But the neural load will be more – your brain will be working hard to learn new patterns – how to improve shape and move your body in new ways. The typical 90 minutes for each pool session will go fast and will leave your head quite full. We anticipate this.

For the lesson series, the whole point of having these lessons spread out over some weeks is to allow you to digest just part of the sequence of skills each week in your personal practice time between lessons.

For the compressed weekend workshop, we regard it as an introduction to the skills you will then need to gradually, systematically digest and integrate in personal practice time over the weeks to come.

Planning ahead to include personal practice time between and after your lessons is essential to getting these skills to stick and be available to you later on when you want them available.

Online Training Support

For these live training situations we have set up the online Mediterra Swim Dojo to support you in your personal practice between and after your lessons. We are doing all we can to give you the understanding, guidance and encouragement to keep going in your training so you can get to the level of skill and confidence that you seek.

As part of your training experience you are set up with a membership in our Dojo, with access to our large library of training resources, and access to a training course suitable to your immediate needs.

There will be a lot of new insight and information in each live lesson. To help with the potential overload, you may keep your waterproof notebook handy to take personal notes. However, you don’t need to worry about memorizing everything we do in the water. After your first lesson you will receive an email that will give your user name and password to access the Dojo, and will be given a link to  a dedicated forum page where we provide the outline of each lesson. You can review that to be reminded of the skills, drills, and focal points you worked with.

Location in Beaverton

Our lesson are hosted by Turtles Yoga in Beaverton, Oregon.

In the locker rooms at Turtles, you will find

  • lockers – you may bring your own lock or borrow a key at the front desk.
  • showers
  • sauna
  • blow dryer

Turtles Yoga does NOT supply towels, so please bring your own.

Locations in Salem

Our lessons are hosted by Courthouse Fitness in Salem, Oregon, with 5 locations.

Check the event page and with your coach to confirm which Courthouse club your lessons will be held at.

In the locker rooms at Courthouse, you will find

  • lockers – you may bring your own lock or borrow a lock (leave your license in exchange) at the front desk.
  • showers
  • sauna
  • blow dryer

Courthouse does NOT supply towels, except for members who pay an extra fee, so please bring your own.