I swam 2560 meters today at 8:10 am. Sunny, warm. The PC outdoor 32m pool was about 29 degrees C.


2x256m (4 laps) warmup

2x [4x 256m] increasing stroke rate (SR) by feel, up 1 “gear” per repeat

On repeat #1 held 21-23 SPL; #2. held 23-24 SPL; #3. held 24-26 SPL; #4. held 25-27 SPL


I need to stretch before these workouts, like I do habitually in the winter at the indoor pool. I am struggling with knots in the shoulder and back that are hindering my stroke and causing some distracting points of irritation.

Today’s objective was to practice kicking it up a gear, preparing to do this pattern over longer distances. Particularly, I want to train my body to kick into sprint mode for strategic parts of the race, then click down to ‘rest’ at cruising pace while I wait for the next sprint moment. The problem is that pools interrupt me every 25m (or 32m in this case). I may have to change my goals for pool workouts to work with these interruptions.

From swimming so much more in the sea, more distance and with more ease, I am already noticing that I am bothered by the pool walls and flip-turns interruptions. When I go back to mostly pool training in the winter I will need to adjust my goals and focus again to suit. But it’s such a thrill to fall into the rhythm that only extended OW swimming can provide.

Can I love both the Open-water and the Pool?

Of course, although I can have my favorite. Each offers some advantages that I can use  challenges that I can work on overcoming I am in love with OW so much right now because I have convenient access to such beautiful and mild open water terrain. If I were back in Oregon I would be not be so eager for sure,  and instead embracing my favorite 50m pool.

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