I finished giving lessons at 13:45 and I was hungry and hot but I wanted to get in a little conditioning for the day. Particularly, I want to dial in this “Wide Track’ recovery arm and higher elbow catch- and to first mold it into my SL, then later I will work on bringing it along into faster and faster SR.

12x 96m (3 lengths of the 32m pool) and hold 18 SPL on each

  • #1-4, held 18 SPL, came in on 1:39
  • #5-8, held 18 SPL, came in on 1:35
  • #9-12, held 18 SPL, came in on 1:33

Strong points:

  • I used a wider swing on the recovery arm, a wider track
  • I rotated the shoulder to use a higher elbow catch

Weaker points:

  • I had a hard time keeping my chin tucked- the shallow pool and tiles racing past below makes me want to lift my head to look a bit forward
  • I was not consistently exhaling underwater during the 3-stroke cycle
  • I needed a more consistently high elbow catch- not quite natural yet

I am still fighting the sinus infection/head cold thing. Not as strong as normal and I wasn’t feeling to ambitious today, but it did not prevent me from making this a quality focused set.

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