Sitting at lunch today, on our first day of our swim camp in Kaş, while processing the potential of our training process this came out:

“Some make the achievment of the goal their only source of pleasure. Practice for them is a mechanical means of getting to that pleasure.

For us, however, practice IS the pleasure and the setting and pursuit of specific goals is a tool for magnifying it.”

I was suddenly offered a free spot in Sunday’s 7km race from Meis island to Kaş, which comes on the last day of our ow camp here. Although I am not as far in my conditioning this year as I had estimated I could be and I won’t swim with as much power as I could under better conditioning, my thought was not one of anxiety but pleasure at the thought of an excuse to spent 2 hours in sublime rhythmic meditation.

Even if I swim slowly beside one of my students for the distance we should have a wonderful time. With the skills he is acquiring we will turn this from a test of toughness or survival to focused relaxation and controlled distribution of energy.

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