Yesterday, Coach Terry shared with me a testimony from one of his students, a doctor from Sweden. I wanted to share with you a paragraph from that which I found particularly inspiring:

[My wife] said a few days ago that I should try to feel as relaxed outside the pool as in it. To remember my swimming when I not swim, ”use my stroke in daily life”. The same can probably be said about yoga or sitting meditation. To have the aware, curious, open, gentle and open-hearted approach, not only on the cushion and on the mat (or in the pool), but also, and perhaps more importantly, in daily life. The cushion, yoga mat and pool is perhaps just a ”small controlled laboratory” where we can slowly and gently try to meet what goes on inside us, inside our body or in the water.

“Where, how and why are my muscles tense? How is my breathing on my right side? Where is my mind right now? Do not fight the water, do not fight your body, your mind or your life. To have a smoother, more gentle and friendly approach to my self and the people around me.

She thinks I swim very comfortable in the water, so why not try and apply that in the rest of life?”

Don’t you think so too?

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