Learning The 2 Beat Kick – Part 2

Learning The 2 Beat Kick – Part 2

Continued from Part 1… Forming The Kick Conveniently, these two roles for the legs – CBF and 2BK – work together seamlessly. The counter-balanced foot position happens to be the poised position for the feet, ready to initiate the next kick on the...
Learning The 2 Beat Kick – Part 1

Learning The 2 Beat Kick – Part 1

The Kick Is An Advanced Skill The 2-Beat Kick is an action of the feet that must be coordinated with the timing of rotation and arm-switch in front, otherwise it has limited or even a confusing effect. It only has the desired effect when it is timed with that rotation...
Why Choose A 2-Beat Kick?

Why Choose A 2-Beat Kick?

A flutter kick – sometimes called a 6-Beat or a 4-Beat kick, when it’s done correctly – is useful for some people in some circumstances, but certainly not for all, and I would like to argue that it may not be best for most. However, it is certainly...

The Effort In Effortless

Recently this questions has come up few times in various forms: How effortless should effortless swimming be? And here is one way I’ve answered that question: The sensation of effortless is relative – when you compare the sensation of swimming once...

2BK Defense

In defense of the utility of the 2-Beat Kick I add this: If Sun Yang can set a World Record using the 2BK for 14/15 of the 1500m race – at an average pace of around 58 seconds per 100m, then we have to consider how effective it might be for you and I, when...

2-Beat Kick Purpose

Here are my comments in response to a swimmer’s question about when to use the 4-Beat Kick and/or 6-Beat Kick: The Purpose Of The 2BK The point of the 2-Beat Kick is that it brings the entire body together in ONE synchronized rotation movement. The kick in 2BK...
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