I swam 108 minutes today, starting at 9:15, at Konyaatlı Varyant and swam east along the cliffs. It was sunny, hot, no wind. The sea was 29 C, long gentle swells, no waves, no wind ripplies either. The water was clear to about 6m.

10 minute warmup, then right into 250-stroke repeats, straggered tempo descent with a TT. Transitioned into each faster tempo with no rest other than the time it took to tap 2 clicks on the Tempo Trainer.

  1. 1.20, 1.18, 1,16, 1.14
  2. 1.16, 1.14, 1.12, 1.10
  3. 1.12, 1.10, 1.08, 1.06
  4. 1.08, 1.06, 1.04, 1.02
  5. 1.04, 1.02, 1.00, 0.98

I felt great today. No shoulder irritations particularly. I concentrated on head-down chin tucked, high elbow, and quiet spear-hand entry.

I finally felt a dip in my energy when I hit the 1.04 tempo at around 75′, but I had the strength to keep going without breaking rhythm. Around that same time I felt some irritation in my nerves along the arm- stemming from the wrist (perhaps ulner) and up to my biceps where I really noticed it. But it did not get worse as I kept on. It was a strong and steadily accelerating effort to the end.

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